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World Cup of 4x4s and SUVs

2018 brings another World Cup year and a familiar sense of hope and frustration. To help build excitement, we have held our own mini-World Cup and compared the best 4x4s and SUVs from some of the best car making nations.

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8th place

Spain - Seat Arona

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £150.72

Initial rental from: £904.32

An ageing Spanish national football team struggled at the 2014 World Cup. But a new, more youthful team aims to impress this year.

Spanish car makers Seat had little experience with SUVs before launching the Ateca, but it was widely hailed as a success. The Arona is a slightly smaller version of the Ateca that compares favourably with the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur.

Named after a small town in the south of Tenerife, the Arona is one of Amber Vehicle Solution’s best value contract hires.

7th place

Czech Republic - Skoda Karoq

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £149.12

Initial rental from: £894.72

The Czech Republic hasn’t qualified for a World Cup since 2006, but with the Karoq they have rightfully made it inside the last eight of our 4x4 championship.

It looks every inch the modern-day Skoda, with chunky but practical style and a sense of quality throughout the cabin.

The Karoq, which replaces the much-loved Skoda Yeti, is made from the same basic building blocks as the Seat Arona, but is slightly more comfortable.

6th place

Italy – Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £290.33

Initial rental from: £1741.98

The Italian football team would be sad that they aren’t on the plane to Russia next year, but they can take some small consolation in knowing that an Italian car made it to 6th position in our World Cup.

The Stelvio is typically curvaceous, but unlike other some other Alfa Romeos, the car’s stylists haven’t compromised on the inside trim, which is equally luxurious. It’s light too.

The Stelvio is rich in lightweight aluminium, so the mid-sized four-wheel-drive SUV weighs in at 1659kg. This helps the 2.2 litre diesel version achieve a somewhat surprising 60.10 mpg.

5th place

Japan – Toyota C-HR

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £183.69

Initial rental from £1102.14

The only non-European country to make it into our final eight, the stylish Toyota C-HR is a great representative for the rest of the world.

Toyota deserve credit for creating the first small SUV – a concept which Japanese rivals Nissan almost perfected with the Qashqai. With the C-HR, Toyota will hope to reclaim that crown.

The car’s sleek and sloping body is certain to make a statement. And the Hybrid version helps keep company car bills low. Like other Toyotas, the basic version of the C-HR comes with a generous set of equipment as standard.

4th place

France – Peugeot 3008

Business contract hire monthly rental from £211.12

Initial rental from: £1266.72

Onto our quarter-finalists. Can France’s national team prevent one of their infamous bust-ups and exceed expectations in Russia next year? We won’t be betting on it.

One French product that won’t explode is the Peugeot 3008. Another small SUV, the 3008 is extraordinarily well built. It has striking features on the outside and a swish finish throughout.

It’s also practical and roomy, especially in the boot which is almost large enough to fit a football team.

The 3008 is a little pricier than some of its closest rivals, but you get a lot for the extra money – notably more space and a good quality driving experience.

3rd place

Sweden - Volvo XC60

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £299.89

Initial rental from: £1799.34

Unlike their national football team’s star player, Swedish carmakers Volvo are anything but arrogant. They have let the quality of their cars do the talking for years.

Narrowly missing out on the World Cup final, the XC60 is a good rival to the world’s very best 4x4s. It’s not the world’s sportiest drive or the most comfortable ride – but the XC60 is practical, safe and far more desirable than previous models.

It is finished to a high quality throughout and represents something a little bit different. The XC60 is slightly smaller than the XC90, and more fun as well.

Runner up

Germany – Audi Q5

Business contract hire monthly rental from £345.00

Initial rental from: £2070.00

They might be top-ranked by FIFA, but Germany misses out on top-spot in the World Cup of 4x4s.

Picking the best German 4x4 was tough, with strong alternatives from BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. In the end we selected the Q5 because of how popular it is with Amber customers.

The Audi Q5 is slightly shorter than the behemothic Q7, but it is still large and luxurious. On almost every measure - handling, styling, refinement, comfort - the Q5 receives top marks.

Under the bonnet is a smooth running but punchy engine and the Audi’s curvy bodywork is sure to turn heads wherever you drive.

Amber Vehicle Solutions has some of the most competitive business hire contract rates on the Audi Q5 and other German SUVs.


England – Land Rover Discovery

Business contract hire monthly rental from: £555.69

Initial rental from: £1667.07

No, England isn’t beaten on penalties at the final hurdle. And no, we haven’t picked a Land Rover just because we think it would be nice to see England win something for a change.

The Discovery really is one of the best family cars that money can buy. The current Discovery surpassed all expectations, winning Auto Express’s 2017 Car of The Year award and being named Best Large 4x4 at the 2017 New Car Awards.

And we guarantee that the Discovery won’t lose any of that lustre heading into 2018. A genuine seven-seater, the Land Rover has oceans of space inside. It is fun to drive, safe and well-equipped.

As with previous models, the Discovery balances luxury and off-road ability better than all of its rivals. Amber Vehicle Solutions has some of the most competitive business hire contract rates on all Land Rovers.

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Posted on 21st December 2017 at 3:17 PM

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