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Why To Look For Vehicle Lease Deals On A Bank Holiday

You’ve been thinking about buying or leasing a new car for ages, right? How do you know if this is the right time? Can you really afford it or not? Do you REALLY need a new car? The answer to this might be no, but hey you want one so what’s stopping you? Here at Amber Vehicle Solutions we have lots of vehicle lease deals for you to browse year round, but the upcoming bank holidays could be the best time for you to take the leap – and here’s why:


Time to Explore your Options Fully

What makes a bank holiday so different from every other week is that you have extra time off work to slow down and really think about what you want. So, use this time to focus in on exactly the most important features your new vehicle would have to have to fit into your lifestyle and make it the best car and vehicle leasing deal for you:

  • How many people does it need to fit?
  • How much do you want to spend on fuel on a monthly basis?
  • Do you want it to have the latest navigation tools?

Once you have a better idea of your wants and needs, you can start looking around and narrowing down your desirable makes and models, and whittling down your wish list. Perhaps you could even create a ‘Top Three’ list and then take it from there.

By the end of this exercise, you should have a clear idea of how much money you want to spend on your new car, which will help you when it comes to doing your calculations for your monthly lease budget and when you are thinking about how long you want the lease to last. Take advantage of the bank holiday to really explore your financial situation to its fullest.

Stay at Home and Avoid the Traffic

Traveling over the bank holiday can be a bit of a nightmare, with traffic jams seemingly around every corner. Trying to come up with ways to keep the kids entertained while they are stuck in the back of the car does not sound like an ideal way to spend the weekend to us!

If you lease a car through Amber Vehicle Solutions, however, you can wave goodbye to those rows of irritated drivers because you can choose to have your new lease car delivered rather than having to travel to collect it yourself. You don’t have to come and see the car in person, as you can rest assured that we have carried out all the necessary checks meaning you will be more than happy with the quality.

Get Yourself Geared up for the New Arrival

Chosen your car, signed the lease and just waiting for the delivery? Time to get yourself all geared up for the new arrival. You will feel like the star of your road when you sit with your feet up and your new car pulls up outside – hand-delivered to your door. All you have to do is sign the paperwork, grab the keys and take your new pride and joy for a spin.

At Amber Vehicle Solutions we have a wide range of great value vehicle leasing deals for you to choose from.


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Posted on 12th June 2019 at 4:53 PM

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