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What are the Benefits of UK Car And Van Leasing

More and more people are thinking about what the pros and cons of UK car and van leasing are in comparison to buying a van. This is why the team at Amber Vehicle Solutions have pulled together this guide to all of the benefits that you should consider before you make your final decision:


The advantages of lease hire

#1 Brand new van

Choosing a car van leasing deal means you get access to a brand new van complete with all of the latest factory approved amendments, meaning you know you can rely on your van to get to your job on time every time.


#2 Business risk reduction

Leasing a van rather than buying it means you can reduce your business risks as the leased van will not be counted as a business asset. This means that if your business was to face any financial unsettlement your van cannot be used to pay off any debt.


#3 Extra value

You may find that things such as breakdown cover, road tax and manufacturers warranties are included in your lease deal meaning you won’t have to make extra payments for them on top of what you are paying for your van. You may also find that you get tax benefits from having a business lease as well.

#4 No hassle

Once you have signed your lease and confirmed your delivery date, your business van will be delivered to a place of your choosing and once the handover is complete it will be yours to use straightaway. At the end of the lease you simply arrange for collection of your van, meaning you don’t have to worry about advertising it, negotiating a deal and selling it.

#5 Lower upfront cost

The upfront cost of leasing a van compared to buying a van will probably be much cheaper – especially as you won’t have to save as much up for a deposit. It will also save you from taking out a loan to purchase the van as you can calculate how much you can afford on a monthly basis more easily.

#6 New van feeling again and again

Everyone loves the feeling of driving a new van, and with leasing you get to experience that feeling again and again as once your current lease contract ends you can negotiate a new one. This means you get access to new vans every couple of years and don’t have to worry about depreciation!

To summarise:

  • Brand new van benefits
  • Business tax benefits
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • Great choice of vans
  • Lower monthly payments
  • No depreciation concerns
  • Simple delivery
  • Straightforward, transparent pricing

If you have any questions about car and van leasing please call Amber Vehicle Solutions on 01625 704396 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team.


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Posted on 12th July 2019 at 5:21 PM

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