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Personal Vehicle Leasing UK: Do I Need Insurance?

Whenever you are signing up to a financial agreement, it is always important to do some research first. This is especially good advice when you are looking into personal vehicle leasing UK and whether you need to insure your lease car or not.

You will probably have questions such as is insurance included in my lease deal? How do I insure my lease car? Will insurance cost more on a lease car? And so on. So here is our UK vehicle leasing guide to insuring a lease car:


Will My Lease Agreement Include Insurance?

At Amber Vehicle Solutions we do not include insurance as part of our lease deals (although we do include Road Fund Licence). Not including insurance as part of the deal is pretty standard within the leasing industry so you will have to make sure that you have organised insurance on your chosen vehicle to start on the date it is delivered to you.

Will It Be More Expensive to Insure a Lease Car?

It should be no more expensive to insure a lease car than a car you own outright, but the actual cost of the insurance will depend on the model of the car and where you are going to keep it overnight.

Does the Vehicle Leaseholder have to be the Main Driver?

Yes, the finance agreement for leasing the car, and the main insurance policyholder should be the same person.

Can I add an Additional Driver to my Leasehold Car Insurance?

Yes, you can, and this can sometimes be a really good idea as it can bring the cost of your insurance down if your additional drivers are seen as low risk I.e., they have no driving convictions and a lot of previous driving experience.

When Should I Insure my Lease Vehicle?

Delivery of your chosen vehicle can be made nationwide by Amber Vehicle Solutions, or you can choose to collect it from a dealer – whichever works better for you. Fully comprehensive insurance of the car is needed from the day it is delivered to you, or you collect it, so as soon as you have a date from us you should make sure your insurance is sorted.

Hopefully, this has answered some of the questions you had about insuring your personal lease car. If you are interested in getting your next car from one of the leading vehicle leasing companies UK, then please enquire today using 01625 704396 or drop us an email at


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Posted on 7th November 2018 at 9:07 AM

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