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How to Choose the Right Contract Cars Personal for You

With over 99,800 contract cars personal deals on site and a multitude of car manufacturers, models, mileage, fuel type and length of contracts to choose from. This can make things a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right contract for you.

First things first, you need to think about what car is right for you. In this guide we will take a closer look at some of the choices you will be faced with – including some things you might not have considered.


Price Per Month

There is a contract care hire and leasing deal out there for everyone’s budget – from £133 a month to £5000 a month. Knowing exactly how much you want to spend can help you go a long way to narrowing down your choice before you even start thinking about manufacturer and model. Don’t forget to keep in mind your initial upfront payment – as the more you can put down upfront, the lower your monthly cost will be.


Fuel Type

In the past you would probably only have the choice of petrol or diesel – and the most common piece of advice you would be given is that if you drive less than 12,000 miles a year you should go for a petrol engine. Now you need to also think about how much town driving you do as well, as this may mean that an electric hybrid might be a better option for you, whereas if you really want to help the planet you might even consider going full on electric.

Check at the Running Costs

So you’ve worked out you can afford the deposit and monthly payments for the car, but have you thought about whether you can afford to put fuel in the car and also buy yourself lunch? Don’t make the mistake of stretching your budget too thinly and check out the fuel consumption and insurance costs as well before you make your final choice.


You also need to keep in mind what kind of mileage you might do in your car as well, as this will have an effect on the monthly price and therefore what pool of cars you should choose from. The other reason it is good to know what kind of mileage you will do as well, as if you go over the mileage you sign up for you could be charged extra at the end of your contract.

Now that you have narrowed down what you want from your car, you can take a look at the contract cars and leasing deals that are most suitable for you. You can make an enquiry on our siteand find your perfect deal today.


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Posted on 12th March 2019 at 8:44 AM

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