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Car And Van Leasing: How To Budget Sensibly

At Amber Vehicle Solutions, we work really hard to make sure that the car and van leasing deals we offer you are the best options available, but before you sign on the dotted line with us you need to take some time to really make sure that when you sign up for a deal you can actually afford it. There is no point in you looking at something in the £1000 per month plus range if, in reality, you can’t spare more than £250. This is really important as applying for a car or van leasing is the same sort of process as when you apply for a credit card or loan.

What this means is that the finance companies we work with will take a close look at your credit history before they decide whether they can accept your application for a car van leasing deal. They do this by using the information that you give them when you fill in our business or personal finance application. This information will include things such as your address details, your employment details, and marital status and so on.

So, how do you work out how much you can sensibly afford before you start the finance process?

  • Decide how much money you can spare to put down as a deposit. This is called the ‘initial rental fee’ and is taken before the monthly payments start to kick in.
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover other costs associated with the lease, such as the £165 plus VAT you will need to pay us for our Brokering Services.
  • Then you need to work out how much money you definitely have spare each month that you can use to pay the monthly repayment on your chosen vehicle. Our deals start from as low as around £103 a month, but this all depends on the length of the contract you choose and your estimated annual mileage, and so can go up to around £4340 a month for a top of the range car – so you need to know where you are comfortable at.
  • You will also need to budget for insurance as this is not something we cover, and your fuel costs as well. This is why we ask you for your income and outgoings when you fill in a finance application form as we want to help you understand exactly what your budget is

Going through this process and having a good look at your finances will allow you to understand fully what sort of car lease deal you should be looking at without stretching yourself too far. Once you have worked out what you can (and can’t) afford then please get in touch with us to discuss our UK car and van leasing deals in more depth. You can call us on 01625 704396 or email us at


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Posted on 13th September 2018 at 5:38 AM

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