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A Vehicle Leasing Guide To Packing Your Car For A Holiday

We all love the idea of going on holiday, but the actuality of it can be less than appealing. Deciding what clothes to take, packing your bags, and finding someone to look after the family pet. If you are going on holiday with your vehicle leasing car as well, this can make things more stressful. Trying to fit all of your luggage into the boot as well as all of the kid’s stuff is not the best way to start your holiday! So, Amber Vehicle Solutions have pulled together this guide on how to pack your car:


Know your boot size

Having knowledge of your actual boot size will enable you to more accurately judge whether your luggage will fit or not. It is also something to think about before looking at car lease deals because if you have a new baby, for example, you will need a car with a large boot to fit everything in – such as a pram, changing bag, and so on.

Keep your boot as free from clutter as possible as well. Carrying around unnecessary items will not only increase your fuel consumption but will also limit the number of other things you can put in there – such as shopping.

If you only have a small boot then you should maybe consider a roof rack with a lockable box to increase the amount of luggage space available.


Think logically

No matter what size your boot, the way you load your luggage in can make all of the difference. Think logically and place the largest items of luggage in first, and this will show you where the gaps are where you can perhaps pop some smaller pieces of luggage in as well.

Don’t forget about safety too. Don’t block your back windows with large items – you still need to be able to see out of it – and also ensure everything is secure as you don’t want pieces of luggage flying about in the car and injuring you or your family members as you travel.

Vacuum pack your way to victory

Try and pack as lightly as possible – ask yourself whether you actually really need that item about every single item you pack. Clothing, sun tan lotion and tea bags we understand, but we don’t think you need to take your own pillow! Be ruthless and just take the necessary items.

Pack as small as possibly by vacuum packing your belongings before you pop them into your suitcase – you can buy vacuum bags from most major supermarkets and they will be a real life-saver, especially if you have children.

Be creative with your packing

The great thing about taking your own car on holiday is that you aren’t restricted to the amount of luggage you can take – if you can find space to pack it then you can take it. Put things in your footwells, stash things in your glove box and even under the seats – as long as you and your family are comfortable then all is well!

Take a look at Amber Vehicle Solutions vehicle lease offers to see how much you could save on your next family car.


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Posted on 12th July 2019 at 4:52 PM

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