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A Guide to Driving Your New Contract Hire Cars UK

There is no better feeling that getting into a new car and our wide range of contract hire cars UK deals make’s this feeling much more accessible to everyone. Of course, you will probably be very cautious and careful the first few times you drive your new car, but once your shiny new wheels have been delivered to you what are the main things you should consider?

Modern materials and new technology may mean that cars have developed over the past few years, but running in is still important when it comes to driving a new car. To give you some idea of how to keep your car at its best for the period of your personal contract hire car deals we have pulled together some tips for those all-important first 1000 miles.


Keep Your Revs Low

It is fair to say that engines are more refined than they have ever been but their basic principles remain the same. This means it is still important to make sure that everything beds in properly – which is why most manufacturers recommend that you keep your revs below 3,000 for the first few hundred miles. You can keep your revs low by not changing your gears too early, and also not labouring the engine either.

Braking It In

Brakes are made of moving parts, just like engines, and so these need time to bed in properly. You should therefore drive gently at first and avoid braking although you shouldn’t be too worried about it as brake systems are more advanced than they used to be and will be functioning optimally when they leave the factory.

Keep Your Speed Down

If you are aiming to keep your revs below 3000 then you won’t be using your car to its full potential for the first few hundred miles, which means you should be able to keep your speed low as well. Of course, it is OK to take the car up to the speed limit if you need to, but you should avoid long runs at top speed if at all possible. Vary your speed between 50mpt, 60mph and 70mph is much better for your engine.

Tread Carefully

When you get delivery of your new car, you will probably notice that the tyre’s are covered in a protective coating that can seem quite oily. This shouldn’t have an adverse effect though, and will probably wear off after the first 10 miles.

If you are yet to take delivery of a brand-new car, then why not browse our wide range of car contract and leasing deals?


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Posted on 12th March 2019 at 9:05 AM

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