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A Car Lease Deals Cheshire Guide to Fuel Types

Here at Amber Vehicle Solutions, we offer some of the best car lease deals Cheshire and one question we often get asked is what the difference is between the main car engine types. There seems to be more choice than ever before these days, and so the decision can be a complicated one to make.

Obviously, as our business focuses on business car leasing deals Cheshire then the information given below refers to new engines.

Petrol Engines

Petrol engines are still the most popular option at the moment, as they are still the cheapest to buy and lease (compared to diesel or electric cars) and tend to be cheaper at the fuel pump too. Petrol engines are also favoured more by people who tend to drive shorter journeys around town, for example, because petrol engines tend to be more fuel efficient on shorter journeys.

However, the main con when it comes to petrol engines is that they are the least environmentally friendly option as they have higher C02 emissions than diesel or electric engines, and so we could see the popularity of this type of engine waning in the future as sustainability becomes more and more key.

Diesel Engines

There has been a lot of bad talk about diesel engines in the press recently, especially around nitrous oxide and the detrimental effect it can have on our health. However, diesel engines still seem to be a popular choice for many people, especially business people who are doing longer journeys on motorways for their commute.

While the Government is looking at introducing much tougher penalties for those who drive in the city, these look likely to only apply to older diesel engines and not to the newer engines that are Euro 6 compliant.

Electric Engines

Fully electric vehicles do not have a standard combustion engine, running purely off an electric motor and thereby giving off no emissions. This makes it the most environmentally friendly of all today’s vehicles. Electric vehicles are also incredibly cost-effective as there are no excess fuel costs to pay.

There are cons associated with electric vehicles and the main ones are the fact that they require frequent charging, and charging stations are still quite hard to find. You may find your lease payments are higher as well, as electric cars tend to be more expensive to buy as well.

If you are looking for car lease deals electric diesel or petrol, then please take a look at our latest deals online today.

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Posted on 15th November 2019 at 12:34 PM

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